The open and stimulating culture of Aminolabs



At Aminolabs we combine the talent, knowledge and experience of our more than 160 passionate professionals. This is the solid base on which we have built the open and stimulating culture of Aminolabs. Internal and external collaboration, dialogue and innovation deliver groundbreaking concepts, along with products that quickly become popular in the market.


Where spaces flow into each otherArchitecture

Openness and transparency, a balance between energy and rest, passion and ambition, extremely professional but also very human, all these things characterize both Aminolabs and its facility in Hasselt. Spaces flow into each other and stimulate exploration, interaction and the exchange of ideas.


Worldwide partnerWorldwide partner

Aminolabs is the preferred supplier of many internationally renowned companies in health and sports nutrition. Our combination of innovative concepts and a flexible yet high-quality production is convincing. Consumers around the world enjoy the products that are developed and produced at our facilities in Hasselt, Belgium.


Our membershipsMemberships

Aminolabs is a full member of several international organizations who actively support the development of a sound legislative framework within our sector.

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Facts & figuresFacts & figures

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